Marmalade Interior Design Sdn Bhd offers a professional consultant in space planning, environment and interior design.

The office is operating under the direction with a team of designers support end by administration staff. The practice supplements its professional service with associated companies specializing in graphic design, lighting and other associated consultants.

Marmalade Interior Design Sdn Bhd believes in providing professional service by achieving these criteria the company has grown to meet the increasing consultants.

Through care planning and close attentions. We try our utmost to originate existing design that reflect our clients corporate personality.in respects, our team work has creative problem solves and always striving for the best results within the parameters of the project.

Marmalade Interior Design Sdn Bhd will undertake projects of any size including co-ordination of the different parties; professionals, consultants, local authorities, contractors, manufacturers and supplies. We will ensure that the end result in a project within budget and will be completed on-time.

The process of creating effective design solution involves detailed planning, disciplined monitoring and responsible approach to project management. The systematic application of the professional skills, controlled with focused creativity. Effective and co-operative team is the framework for a positive and successful conclusion. Our aim is to cultivate clients as long term associates of the success.


Since the establishment of Marmalade Interior Design, We have striven to give our utmost to our clients from past, present to the future – Wawasan 2020.

Marmalade Interior Design provides with to the customers consultation and further more post. Purchase service that will help our clients fit in the new environment that they anticipated.

As a growing company. We are able to reach our potential customers faster and in shorter period of time while providing a personal touch that bridges the gap between our business and our clients.

Pride in taken in living up to state of the interior designs as we hope that our clients would be able to advantages.

We provide our clients the ever more sort for competitive edge, price and this is the promising fact.